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"The Witness" is a film produced by the Mashantucket Pequot tribal nation. We are located in the state of Connecticut.  Every year, Americans celebrate "Thanksgiving".  Most American children are taught in school about the "Pilgrims", and their first contact with indians in "The New World".  The indians in this case were the Wampanoag people of what is now called Massachusetts. The "Pilgrims" were actually colonists. They claim to be escaping persecution by the king and queen of England. Think of  syrian refugees traveling thousands of miles today. When these colonists arrived and encountered the Wampanoag, they taught them how to survive in the "New World".  They were kind to the colonists. And the way history books depict the relationship, it was all rosey.

But the film you are about to watch takes place AFTER first contact. It is not about the Wampanoag people. It is about the Pequot tribal nation. The war dramatized in this film took place in 1637. It is the FIRST war fought in early America. and it was fought..... Against Indigenous people.

As you watch this film, ask yourself one thing...

"How can people who were "Thankful" to native people for their very survival, turn around and go to war, kill, and enslave these people?"

Thank You....